The Jeep KJ Cherokee CRD fuel filter head is prone to leaking, both on the early metal looking style and the later black plastic style. The genuine replacement head are expensive. The symptoms are as listed.

  • Hard starting.
  • Stalling once started.
  • Random cutouts while driving.
  • A code may or may not be listed, if it is it will be something along the lines of “P0093 = Fuel rail pressure malfunction positive pressure deviation”

The pic below is the replacement fuel filter head that can be picked up from most filter suppliers. In Perth W.A I use Filters Plus. The cost of the head is round $50 and is a permanent fix for this common issue.

EARLY FILTER HEAD: On the early Jeep KJ Cherokee CRD (thats the metal looking head) you need to extend the length of the fule hose that feeds from the outlet of the head that goes to the intake of the high pressure pump.

LATER FILTER HEAD: On the later style of filter head (this is a black plastic looking one), the original fittings and fuel hose can be used. This pic below is of a later fuel filter head replacement job.

On the later style of filter head, you will need to wire in a resistor as a replacement for the fuel temp sensor, this is cover in another post, look for FUEL FILTER HEAD RESISTOR MOD”

In both the early and later style filter head, once replaced it will use the fuel filter as used on the later style. I use BALWIN BF7970



  1. Hi Darren,
    Out tried to source a fuel head with lifter pump but no luck
    Where did you source yours. Can I purchase from you through Aztech?
    The Baldwin filter can be supplied from up the road from me for $60

    1. Hi Bruce, yes if you have no luck I can provide a fuel filter head, just send an email to my work address with your details, cheers.

      In Perth the filter head is available from Filters Plus

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