The Jeep KJ Cherokee has a factory TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System), this is all very nice but they arent known for being particularly reliable, some of us simply don’t want this function, sensors need to be replaced by genuine and if you change to a steel wheel I believe the TPMS wont function anyway.

In the U.S its a mandatory (legal) requirement and a dealer prolly wont disable this function. In Australia its not a legal requirement. I was told that “only a dealer can disable this function”. This is not entirely correct, but you will need access to a diagnostic tool that is capable of doing the programming function for each tire sensor.

In the pic below I am using the most awesome Snap-on Sollus Ultra scan tool (worth every dollar I paid). Once into the program function simply program in for each sensor listed the code 22122212 your done baby! Now enjoy no errors on the EVIC or no idiot light.

On a Jeep KK Cherokee (the model after the KJ) its uses a more standard type of computer programming, as in a simple in out code, so use the code 00000000.


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